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Mar 25, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. you see zuckerberg doing something for obama, something for republican governor christie. where are they in their politics >> from what -- from the people i've talked to, i don't think that they even know. and a lot of the republican organizers of this very thing are saying that a lot of these multimillionaire, mounta multibillionaire techies are just learning how government affects their industries for good and bad. some of them think the obama administration does stifle business growth. so they want to get involved. >> erin, thank you. >>> our sports lead. if you had florida gulf coast in it the sweet 16, you're lying. the team from a city more well known for its snowboard birds and retirees and for red sox spring training is making ncaa history and making it look easy, dunking and dancing their way into the sweet 16. the first-ever 15 seed to make it that far, john berman, who i might observe is bringing up the rear in our own cnn anchor ncaa poll, has more on the magical run. john, thanks for joining us. >> jake, thank you. thankfully this is not about me. as you said, flori
FOX News
Mar 22, 2013 6:00pm PDT
that obama did something, two good things. one, is to publicly recognize the jewish state and the roots of the jews and religion which was important for the rest of the world. >> sean: is that really so good? >> so for him to say that, it was a good things. and now, he wants the palestinians to recognize the jewish state. this is not going to happen. >> sean: i wanted to get your reaction? >> i spent a good amount of time in israel just over a month ago talking with their ministers and talking with the people. they are guarded. that is the only way i can say. they are guarded about american leadership and they understand our culture. we talk about the red line and who gives netanyahu the go ahead and does it meet the reality. net netted is going to have make the decisions he needs to make and he so get past that. get past the obama statements. get past the fact that we know that in 67 hamas was formed by the muslim brotherhood. he wants us to go back to '67 borders but it's not going to happen. >> the hamas charter still calls for the destruction -- >> look at the culture and look at th
Mar 19, 2013 12:00am PDT
of their forefathers, the land that god gave to the jews and that narrative is something that obama missed completely in his cairo speech and so on this trip you will notice that he's going to go to lay a wreath not just on the grave of yitzhak rabin, the great warrior of peace, but also on the grave of theodor herzl, the founder of the zionist movement. he is going to identify with the founder of the zionist movement. i have to tell you frankly that i organized four presidential visits by bill clinton to israel. we never thought it was important for him to put a wreath on the grave of theodor herzl, but this is what obama's going to do and it's part of that effort which you'll hear in the speech, i think to connect his understanding of israel's right to exist as a jewish homeland to its ancient roots in biblical israel. secondly i would expect that he will identify with israel's struggle for survival and its sense of insecurity in a region of turmoil around it and make it clear that he has their back, that he will be in the trench
Mar 21, 2013 10:00pm PDT
think president obama did something really important today, i really agree with you on that. and it's to say that the two-state solution, which many people have been saying is dying, time is running out on it. he's saying, look, this is the only alternative we have for justice, for israelis and justice for the palestinians. and only to viable, thriving states can be at peace. so it was an important day. and i'm glad he finally put his marker down. >> ej, quickly before we go, president obama does very well with the jewish vote in america. i think if he was able to speak out directly to those people, he would get a lot of applause on exactly the same lines. what i'm talking about is that self-proclaimed group in washington, in republican world. the world that tries to say chuck hagel is somehow anti israel, this kind of organized approach to the notion that there's some separation between the obama administration and israel. that was never true, and it was proven completely untrue today with this speech. >> you know, i heard an argument once between two folks who were pro israel. and
FOX News
Mar 23, 2013 8:00pm PDT
he was going to do it. it's done. that money is going towards i don't know obama phones or something. >> greg: i miss my obama phone. comment on the show e-mails. go to fox news calm slash red eye and click on submit a video and we mitt still use it to come. the halftime report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's halftime report is sponsored by babe. >> tiger the younger versions of cats with the the black stripes. thanks, baby tigers! [ male announcer ] what?! investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. none of them charge annual fees and all of them offer low cost investments. e-trade. less for us. more for you. michael, tell us why you used to book this fabulous hotel? well you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it, and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. now you can save up to 50% during priceline's spring hotel sale use promo code spring for additional savings on all express deals, includi
Mar 21, 2013 6:00am PDT
. this is something i talked to george mitchell about this. remember he was who president obama appointed to be the envoy for the middle east peace process in 2009. he had said this was a concern and you do feel it, which is because there actually hasn't been any skirmishes in a while, there's almost a sense of they have been lulled into a sense of, well, okay, maybe this is a way that we can live this way, both sides. and abbas, because he doesn't have the credibility and the -- with hamas and able to negotiate for all palestinian people, you know, does he really want to sit at the table because maybe he can't negotiate a peace or he can't fully negotiate a peace. that said, it does sound like netanyahu wants to give obama this. he knows it's important to president obama to do something like this. and if netanyahu wants president obama to have his back on iran, then he wants to be able to give him something on getting the peace process started. but you heard it, chris. they're still trying to negotiate the terms of the negotiations. and the president is trying to say, hey, to the palesti
Mar 23, 2013 4:40pm EDT
directive for the c.b.o. to count the people losing their health insurance because of obama care. this was something that got democratic and republican to get done in this budget which they are going to try to cap this and see is it happening and how much is it occurring. host: the house approved their 318-1109. or c.r. by 03 republicans and 115 democrats voted rest. john jon tester voted no. so now that these two measures have been passed, what happens next? guest: the c.r. goes to the president so he's able to sign this bill and make it law. host: without going to conference? guest: it's the same bill. the house passed a verlings. it was sent to the senate. they amended it and sent it back to the house. it was very schoolhouse rock of them and got it done in a way that makes seasons to most people following along. host: go ahead deal. you're on the "washington journal" with ginger of politico. >> i think it's absolutely amazing that we're going to have a discussion about keeping the government open. that should be a no brainer and it blows my mind we're actually having this dis
FOX Business
Mar 24, 2013 2:30am EDT
're celebrating something that is a horror like obama care is hond me. you're talking about a birthday, i'll tell you what. birthday you see this cookie, well, the cookie crumbles. see. that's what happens. because it's not worth anything. and they should turn around and get rid of it. >> we're laughing but the economy really rests on health care. 16 or 17% of the economy. if this fails this is a grand e parent by obama. if this fails we're in deep trouble. >> everybody says we have to get costs under control. we had to do something. look, i'm glad -- i'm glad you got a cake here eric. because folks on the right opposing this should hlp themselves to a giant piece of hypocrisy. >> the problem with health care, there is -- there is no preventive in the package. what did they do but increase my billll. >> tracy, we can talk about that. the idea of people taking individual responsibility by being called on to pay for their own health care costs -- >> hold on. >> go. >> kelly is practicing a double speak at the highest level. this is not individual responsibility. this is government force. this is go
FOX Business
Mar 24, 2013 9:30am EDT
not have sex with that woman. president obama setd this will not add a single dime to the deficit. >> look, it's going to bring down health care costs. it's amazing people hate so much something that has barely taken effect. most hasn't gone into effect. the american people when asked about the specific provisions in the affordable care act like it. they like tax credits for small businesses to pay for insurance, they like cling the medicare donut hole, they like kids staying on insurance. 80% of people like those and less than 50% know they are in the bill. so stop smearing the bill to tell people wh's really in it. >> talk about why this didn't kick in. we had to wait until it got voted back in. they wrote this so that once he's in all the crabby stuff comes out. stuff we're two years in nobody has a clue what a state exchange is, nobody knows what is going to happen to medicare. good luck trying to find a doctor or nurse in the next couple years. they waited until the guy got back independent office and bam. >> you buy the number sally threw out that 80% of the people are okay with this
Mar 25, 2013 11:00am PDT
a stranger of the person i lived with and loved for 42 something live. >> president obama now calls the law unconstitutional. house republicans are defending it in court. a new pew research center shows the majority of americans now support gay marriage. researchers say it shows the largest change in opinions on a policy issue in a decade. in washington i'm danielle lee, nbc news. >>> moving on to business, shares in yahoo! hit a new 52-week high this morning. the company bought a new startup as well. scott mcgrew joins us. you were thinking about young ceos but in this case very young. >> he just turned 18. he invented something, he and as a 17-year-old. yahoo! bought his company lock, stock, and barrel. we don't know the exact price but it's in the few tens of millions of dollars. shares in yahoo! hitting that new 52-week high you mentioned, up $0.19 this morning. wall street in a very good mood after the company of cyprus was able to prevent its own bankruptcy by grabbing bank accounts of its own depositors. cyprus about the size of yahoo! if you compare gdp to market capitalization" goo
Mar 18, 2013 9:00am PDT
% of israelis view president obama favorably. something he will try to change on thursday when speaks directly to the israeli people. in an address to thousands of students in jerusalem. politico describes president obama's itinerary as symbolism on steroids. the president will view the dead sea scrolls, and lay wreaths at the burial sites and and inspect an anti-missile battery. meanwhile, the "los angeles times" reports that for its part, israel sees the president's trip as a rare opportunity to garner some good press and is rolling out the red carpet. 1,000 u.s. and israeli flags will be hung notice streets of jerusalem. netanyahu's government has given president obama's visit his own iphone app and and an official logo showing u.s. and israeli flags morphed into one. katty, an iphone app, but low expectations. >> we thought we had the special relationship. >> we thought that was unbreakable. i wan to read a quote from tom friedman. he said the israeli-palestinian conflict has shifted from a necessity to a hobby. like any hobby, some days you work on it, some days you don't. but it usually
Mar 22, 2013 12:00am PDT
. >> the speech was reminiscent of remarks the president gave in cairo in 2009, something mr. obama himself took note of. >> four years ago i stood in cairo in front of an audience of young people politically, religiously, they must seem a world away. but the things they want, they're not so different from what the young people here want. they want the ability to make their own decisions and get an education and get a good job and worship god in their own way, to get married, raise family. the same is true of those young palestinians i met with this morning. the same is true for young palestinians who yearn for a better life in gaza. that's where peace begin, not just in the plans of leaders but in the hearts of people. >> this was mr. obama's chance to appeal to a new generation of israelis and to reach out to them in a personal way, something his critics charge he hasn't done before. in many ways it was vintage obama. the world witnessed the return of the hope and change go from 00:2from -- change guy from 2008. >> let me say this as a politician. i can promise you this. political leaders wil
Mar 18, 2013 12:30am EDT
have is president obama does something brilliant and he uses emotion. that is what resonates with the low-information voter. that is not their fault. they have kid, they have family in their life and the kardashian family is show is awesome. i bring that up because when conservatives get up $1.5 trillion -- we throw out numbers and people say let's turn the channel. we need to work on messages that resonate on an emotional level with regular people and do in a way that they say that makes sense. we can't spend that money. obama is out there saying i'm cutting the deficit. we need to get angry because the american people are angry and obama is lying to you. we need to make that very, very clear. that's right! \[applause] >> the white house belongs to the conservative and anger is not what it takes. it takes an understanding of who obama is and what he is up to. what he is up to he does very well. hen wants to take this -- he wants to take this country to a state of socialism, which has not been achieved but it came close during the nixon administration. obama is doing what he
FOX Business
Mar 22, 2013 7:00pm EDT
in militarily, then people ask why we are not doing something. lou: senator carl levin, pushing president obama to take a hands-on approach to the removal of bashar al-assad. and as senator john mccain looking for a no-fly zone to be instituted. while calling for surgical airstrikes to help drive the bashar al-assad. the president repeated that any evidence of this weapon to use would be a game changer, as he put it. president obama defended his administration's reluctance to use military force to quell the syrian civil war. >> when we are working with the syrians themselves, so this is not externally imposed, but rather something that is linked directly with the aspirations of the people inside of syria, it will work better. lou: the king has also said the same. inside jordan comment they are the they delivered with answer should bashar al-assad we powers. >> we need to institute a transition as quickly as possible. if the issue ever came up, all of us would have to put our heads together and figure out if that would help the balance quickly. lou: the senate in the midst of a vote. their expre
FOX Business
Mar 23, 2013 4:00am EDT
to something that i did not want to hear. that was america and president obama are ready to attack iran. i found that there could be all sorts of excuses and rationalizations and reasons that the president of israel said that. judy, this is too bellicose for my taste. >> i think that he says exactly what is on his mind. i think that a 90-year-old president who helped isael acquire its own nuclear weapons, they were reminding israel and the united states at the top agenda item for israel is making sure that iran does not process redline. i think the two men are not closer to coming to an agreement on what that definition is. lou: if you would like to respond, please. >> it is a tricky issue. the u.s. and israel have different capabilities. now, those capabilities, we don't know what is backstage between the two men. did obama say if you go independently, we will have your back, i am not just saying that -- but we will? did he say we will give you weapons capabilities? so you can wait a little bit longer and be patient? we do not know. but the things they want to hear, i think obama reduced
FOX News
Mar 21, 2013 10:00am PDT
global warming are going to hurt american suburbs because the obama administration believes in something called smart growth. the idea of smart growth policies is, get out of your car, don't move to the suburbs, you should live in a tiny densely packed apartment building in the city where you can walk and take public transportation and don't drive. that's smart growth. and the obama administration is gearing up to impose the smart growth on the country and that would be bad for america's suburbs. >> megyn: how would they do it, make us move from the suburbs to the city? most of the people who live in the suburbs like the suburbs and don't want to live in the city. how would they make us do it it? >> several plans, part is to stop people from moving to the suburbs in the first place and in the end it might get people who live in suburbs to head to the cities. last week the energy department released a series of reports that touted a new strategy for cutting back on carbon dioxide emissions. the idea to make all federal funding conditional on adherence to the smart growth principles. let's
Mar 18, 2013 2:00am PDT
an awful lot of debates. moving on to something more serious, obama's first trip to israel and the west bank as president. what is he looking to accomplish on this trip and how will he be received in both places? >> the highlight is going to be a speech he's going to make in jerusalem. what he's looking to do is speak directly to the israel hee people. he's not looking to make a big speech and coming with no initiatives. i think what he wants to do is just reaffirm the commitment his administration has to israel. and i think he wants to reshape his image. it needs some shoring up in israel because the president has done a lot and he's concerned the message just has had trouble getting through. so a lot of hope that a speech can just help turn around his image. >> okay. lynn sweet with "the "chicago sun-times"," thanks for your insights this morning. >>> here's your first look at some of the other news going on around america. we start in pennsylvania where a tragic charter bus crash left two dead and 19 injured. the bus carrying 23 members of seton hill university women's lacrosse team
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Mar 17, 2013 8:00pm EDT
of the family. this is something you always talk about. president obama would be the perfect person. >> time writing something like that right now as an op-ed piece because i think the family breakdown is critical, but don't belittle the argument. we have had a rash of massacres in this country. the american people see it. that is why we have finally said, was slick is something reasonable, background checks, closing the gun show loophole. why are we as an american people throwing up our arms. >> we have used up a great deal of time on this and will have to move on. lou: i have to say, no one is dismissing this issue. it is really important that we not be exploited by those who find it politically advantageous to try to strip us of our weapons, and our -- >> i agree with you. lou: if i may. if i may. if i may. the fact of the matter is that this is an issue that requires absolutely careful thought and study. there are people who would reflexively try to deny americans their second amendment rights. to me it is repugnant, and we have to pause and ask why are these people and these groups and,
FOX News
Mar 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
and if it doesn't people say why aren't you doing something military. >> chris: president obama in the middle east defending his rehe fusal to take direct mill tare arery action to help the rebels in syria. we are back with the panel. the president is continue and i was thinking how describe is the half in half out policy with regard to the civil war if syria. expanding training and intelligence support for the secular rebels but this while the islamic jihaddists seem to be strengthening and the blood shed continues. tough issue. what is the right answer? >> i think we have a massive bipartisan failure extending over a decade. i think it will get worse in libya and egypt and syria. it will get worse in iraq. get worse in iran. it going to get worse in afghanistan. >> chris: do we he intervene militarily and then set up the possibility for the jihaddist rebels. >> that is the problem. we have no national strategy. we haven't begun the debate how will you live in the world where you have people, talk about the peace process which is an insanity. the morning he arrives there are rockets fire inside i
Mar 21, 2013 3:00am PDT
. barack obama banked something yesterday. he invested, if you will, he met b.b. halfway when he didn't have to and it will help him in the long run in managing this relationship. this relationship has changed the last couple of months because of the political fortunes of b.b. went down or barack obama went up. so barack obama was gracious. he went there but in the funny sort of way it shifted. >> as much as the israel relationship is important to the united states, it is the case that we are the dominant partner in this bilateral relationship always because of the security we led israel and amount of foreign aid we give israel and the defense cooperation, all of that stuff. so it seems to me at least what has changed is that as much as barack obama needs israel and the way joe said israel needs the united states to be standing four square against iran and going into the future. that's a play, a need that netanyahu clearly has as you pointed out what the israel public wants from him. >> the most confrontational i remember is george bush the father and several months later -- israel pe
Mar 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
quickly -- i do think there's something to the fact that both president obama and prime minister netanyahu got themselves reelected. in the world of political leaders, there is a special place for leaders to manage to get reelection. it is no small achievement. i think the level of mutual respect, be grudging perhaps, but the level of mutual respect goes up. it only operates in that rarified world of people who know what is involved in the entire process of figuring out and working and getting one salt reelected. they will be with each other for a period of time they will not try to undermine each other. this is really government is perhaps less solid and previous israeli governments. i do think there is something that contributes to the solidity of the relationship when the two leaders look at each other as reelected by their own politics. ironically, both men come to the summit with a much heavier emphasis on the need to address the internal politics in their own countries. for the president, he is coming back to deal with the end of government. that is supposed to happen in a few days.
Mar 19, 2013 6:30pm PDT
of his predecessors? >> i think he will deepen this trend, and a thing -- i think it is something he has done in argentina and you will see across the board now. so, yes. >> thanks very much. barack obama is set to arrive in israel on wednesday. it will be his first official visit as u.s. president. israel and the u.s. are, of course, close allies, but obama did not travel to the country during his first term. >> that decision was widely considered a snub of israel, and many israelis view the u.s. leader with a bit of skepticism. winning over public opinion is a top priority on this trip along with the stalled middle east peace process and iran's nuclear peace program. >> the white house is on a charm offensive. last week, barack obama spoke on israeli television, addressing directly some of israel's concerns. > i have been crystal clear about my position on iran possessing a nuclear weapon -- that is a red line for us. it is something that would not only be dangerous for israel but would be dangerous for the world, dangerous for u.s. national security interests. >> in washington, it is
Mar 24, 2013 8:00am PDT
that is going to benefit african-americans more to have the obama care? >> i will tell you something. it's hard to say. >> uh. >> because medi-cal is not the greatest healthcare, and more people are being put on to medyical rather than having a -- medi-cal, rather than having a model of less third party and less government payer and have molds where we have physician, more physician care. >> and that is for people who are at the poverty level. >> yes, however, the new healthcare law raises the level of people that can get medi-cal and raises some numbers for the types of people who can get medi-cal. >> used to be -- . >> oh, my god, my head is spinning. [ overlapping speakers ] >> my head is spinning, too. and there -- it's complicated but the most important thing is that we need to look at accurate information and to find out where you fall, if you have questions about this, and where your family falls. it's going to benefit some people. it may change things and make ings not as good for others but, overall, where there are places that have bugs and they can work them out, the feedback from pe
FOX News
Mar 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
of their right to defend themselves which is clearly talking about an attack on iran which is not something that president obama wanted to see. president obama who at times has been seen a little bit soft on iran for his part tried to make it seem that the united states would always have israel's back. >> the united states of america stands with the state of israel because it is in our fundamental national security interests to stand with israel. it makes us both stronger. it makes us both more prosperous, and it make the world a better place. >> reporter: president obama has an uphill battle on this charm offensive going forward. martha, a recent poll done here in israel only 10% of israelis had a favorable or likeness toward president obama. martha: hmmm. that is a pretty rough number for him there, leland. what is he doing to sort of try to win over the people in israel during this trip? >> reporter: hearts and minds. first of all he went on a tour of iron dome battery. that is what the israelis come up with defend the country from missiles from hamas and hezbollah in the northern part o
Mar 22, 2013 5:30pm PDT
't you doing something militarily? >> reporter: before leaving israel today president obama did a little tarmac diplomacy arranging for a phone call between israeli's prime minister netanyahu and turkey's prime minister erdogan. netanyahu apologizing for the death of nine turkish citizens in 2010. >> it's in the interest of the united states that they begin this process of getting their relationship back in order. >> reporter: this morning the president paid a visit to the holocaust memorial yad vashem. and the church of the nativity in bethlehem, considered by christians to be the birthplace of jesus. powerful images in the region that may also resonate with americans back home. chuck todd, nbc news, aman. >> the president's trip will be one topic of discussion on "meet the press" sunday morning as will the fight over guns in this country. new york mayor michael bloomberg and nra ceo wayne la pierre will be among david gregory's guests sunday morning here on nbc. >>> still ahead for us on a friday night, a new warning about the effectiveness of smoke alarms in millions of our homes. the
Mar 20, 2013 7:00pm EDT
that president obama can leave israel with something concrete. what is the buzz? what do you think? >> he will not leave with anything concrete that he c-- that he can announce. but he will leave with a better understanding of how to deal with the issues. >> what about egypt? they are going nuts. they seem to hate everyone, it drives me crazy the egyptian story. >> there's so much going on, that as long as it is contained in egypt to use that loaded term, then they are probably going to be fine with letting that play out, quote unquote democratically. >> as always, wish we had more time to purpose -- to pursue that. back here at home, we are facing a threat of an internet itunes tax, that is right, a bill in the senate would mandate that all e-commerce sales must pay state sales taxes for the first time. that includes downloads like itunes, it's a massive tax grab and expansion that must be stopped. later in the show, the finance minister from cyprus is asking for a bail out. they will keep their banks closed for another week. we will have reports coming up from moscow and cyprus. i'm kud
FOX News
Mar 21, 2013 2:00pm PDT
of leno. he has something to say about president obama. >> president obama is now in israel. it is his first trip to israel as president. he did not bring along joe biden. the president trip to israel is called a high profile trip. not as high profile as playing golf with tiger woods but still high profile. it's not that great. >> kimberly: all right. too conservative? what that is what some suggest. >> eric: someone tweeted maybe he's pulled off because he is focusing his comedy toward the center part of the country, rather than the two coasts which are more liberal. i don't know. maybe. johnny carson, every single late night host goes after the president. i don't know why we are calling him out for going after obama. >> greg: it's a disgrace that none of the jokes involve sarah palin. habit he read the script? that -- hasn't he read the script? that's what you. do make fun of sarah palin, someone not a president, exgovernor of alaska. that is the person you go after. not after obama. i have to go back to this. i don't care who is at late night. i have a feeling that most young americ
FOX News
Mar 18, 2013 1:00pm PDT
they give obama political advantage. but they also take the heat off themselves. if they said, yes, we're facing an exceed debt -- immediate debt crisis, people would demand they do something. so they're taking responsibility off their own shoulders. the runs are schizophrenic. they claim to be the fiscal conservatives and they're not. at least obama is consistent. he is a radical leftist and he acts and spend like a radical leftist. >> neil: do you think there's something more than just symbolism to these remarks and the fact it was both the speaker and the house budget chief and former vice-presidential candidate for president, saying this is tough but not immediately tough. these are the folks who voted, obviously, for the last deal that prompted taxes taxes to go. so it's a face-saving gesture as much as it is, wherever we're going from there. >> they voted for every deal. they've negotiated every deal. and so for all the talk, the fact of the matter is, obama has been to this -- about $6 trillion during his watch and so have the republicans in the house. maybe not the first two ye
Mar 21, 2013 1:00pm PDT
want to see. >> i remember that guy. that's hope and change obama. i know hope and change obama. i covered him in 2008. so is this just words about what hillary clinton once said about candidate obama or is there something concrete that is going to happen here? >> there is something concrete. sometimes as americans we may not fully appreciate the impact of when an american president goes to another nation. in this case a small nation, a nation that has fears at times, isn't always so confident. and when that president looks in the eye of 8 million israelis and he says, be proud, israel, you are the strongest country in the middle east, and also be very confident because the strongest nation on earth, we have an unbreakable bond with you. and you need to figure out, what he essentially said to israel's young people, how can you be democratic, how can you be a jewish state which you must be, but, also, how do you deal with the issue of the palestinian right of self-determination, i mean challenge the israeli young people to take action relative to politics in a very effective way. >>
FOX News
Mar 20, 2013 10:00am PDT
they begin? >> well, not by using the word reset. because when obama resets something, it's a disaster and i have to say, megyn, i was fascinated and jarred when i heard president obama speak about our eternal friendship with israel and realized in washington eternal means until the 2014 election. but there are stakes here and to be fair, i think the president has undergonna real mental, perhaps even emotional shift. as we all know he came to office with a chip on his shoulder against israel. he had that chicago reverend wright background where israel is repressors and arabs were good freedom fighters especially the palestinians and heard in the cairo speech, but for the last four years, our president has been trying to deal with the fractious, often truculent arabs and now the palestinians, even though he is going to the west bank to meet with them tomorrow, the palestinians are complaining that he won't pay homage to the tomb of yasser arafat and i think to an extent our president may have finally realized that, yes, israel is our only friend and ally and by the way, the only truly civiliz
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Mar 24, 2013 3:00pm PDT
to issue some type of apology. did they get something in return? i hope so. otherwise it looks like obama is leaning on the israelis. bad signal to the rest of the region. >> chris: with all of the focus on syria and iran there was relatively little talk about the prospects for a peace deal between the israelis and palestinians but the president did address it in this speech in jerusalem. >> iit is possible. it is possible. i'm not saying it is guaranteed. i can't even say that it is more likely than not but it is possible. >> chris: juan, the big news here is that the president seemed to be dropping his in is siftence that israel had to stop its settlement construction first before there were direct talks. in fact he kind of leaned on the palestinians and said look if you make a final deal the settlements will take care of themselves. how big a movement is that? >> a big movement in terms of reframing the discussion because at the moment everybody is frozen, saled. they can't come to a decision about the settlements because obviously the palestinians view it as occupied territories. the
Mar 24, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. obama was reelected despite his attempts to prevent that. so, they both have an interest in getting something done. i think it is highly remote that anything will get done. the neighborhood has only gotten more dangerous. >> colby king? >> i thought it was important that he made the trip. ultimately, if there is going to be peace in the area it will have to come from those on the ground. the united states can not do it from the outside. george bush tried unsuccessfully. every president has tried and all failed because of the participants. >> what has changed? the settlements continue, but it is no longer number one on president obama's agenda. >> the president has acknowledged the mistake early on, but let's be frank, the relationship has changed. netanyahu embraced, endorsed and basically campaigned for mitt romney, who did not carry florida, which was supposed to be the cornerstone of the campaign strategy. barack obama did get reelected and made a case that the two- state solution was imperative for israel's values, that we do not have people that will be stopped at every checkpo
Mar 20, 2013 7:00pm PDT
know it is a pretend vote. here is speaker boehner reacting to something president obama was cause saying on his arrival in israel today. >> i would rather be heckled than ignored. you only tease the ones you love. >> he is willing to more than tease the ones he love. >> apparently republicans are willing to tease various parts of the base to make them think we have a plan. it is really not much of a plan, it is kind of the part of the problem they don't seem to understand, the policies don't match up with what they say their values are. that's the problem. instead, what they say is let's not talk about those things, those things, those value voter things that get us in trouble, let's not talk about rape and all of that messy stuff, and then fool people. that's the real joke. >> listen to rush limbaugh's take on the new rebranding of the republican party. >> they go out, lose elections and blame everybody else. they're running the party, we're not. safe to say? i mean, they're getting the nominees they want, and losing, and it is our fault for being exclusive? we're not excluding a
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